I'm an ordained Zen Buddhist Monk and licensed Wedding Officiant in New York City who performs wedding ceremonies for couples from all over the world. I work with people of all spiritual traditions and help couples create wedding ceremonies that reflect and honor their unique personalities and beliefs. 

I also respect the right of all people to choose not to follow any spiritual path at all. There is nothing "superior" or "better" about those of us who are drawn to spiritual practice or religion, and I know many wonderful, ethical, and happy people who do not adhere to any particular spiritual system. Everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit, in a way that feels true and appropriate for who they are. Many couples who come to me are looking for a ceremony that is spiritual but not religious, and creating ceremonies like this is a specialty of mine.

I also work as a Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, and often counsel individuals and couples in need of emotional support. 

My work as an wedding officiant is not only incredibly rewarding, but it also helps me support myself. As a person living the unique life of a lay monk, I dedicate my life to serving people in many ways that don't pay very much if at all. So this is one of the things I am able to do that I not only love doing, but that helps me earn enough income so that I can continue to honor my calling to be of service to others.

In the past I've had experience as a crisis counselor at the Long Island Crisis Center, a youth support group facilitator, and I received chaplaincy training from the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care that gave me the opportunity to offer spiritual care and support to terminally ill patients in a hospice residence.

I truly love working with people and find it immensely rewarding to serve in a capacity that helps people grow both as individuals and together as a married partners.


If you would like more information about my wedding services, please call me at 212-989-3456 or email.