A wedding ceremony is a formal way of declaring a couples' love and commitment towards each other.

I perform ceremonies for everyone regardless of their faith, culture, sexual orientation, or lifestyle. Ceremonies can be as simple and intimate or as large and elaborate as you prefer. It could be completely secular with no spiritual elements whatsoever, or it could be a highly spiritual event if that seems right for you both.

Your wedding could also be very unconventional and unique in terms of location, environment, and content. It all depends on your personal taste, style and budget.



  • SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS - the kind of service I specialize in--a ceremony designed to accurately reflect your personal sense of spirituality without relying on any overtly religious references or traditions
  • CIVIL - a civil ceremony is a very basic service without any religious elements
  • SPIRITUAL - a ceremony like this can incorporate elements from a variety of religions or spiritual systems based on what resonates with you the most.
  • RELIGIOUS - a ceremony that adheres to one particular religion, with as many or few religious references as you want. (It doesn't matter how observant you are in any particular faith). As a Buddhist I am able to create a Buddhist-inspired wedding service upon request.
  • INTERFAITH - a very inclusive ceremony that blends together a variety of religious, spiritual or cultural elements.
  • SAME-SEX - same sex couples from anywhere in the world may now legally marry in the United States, and New York is a wonderful place to do it..
  • ELOPEMENT - for couples who do not live in New York City but want to get married here.
  • VOW RENEWAL - a wonderful way to celebrate a couples' love for each other and to formally rededicate themselves to their marriage and each other.
  • BUDGET - for couples on a very tight budget, I offer a very intimate and affordable wedding ceremony option in my West Village studio. You can read more about this option here.

You can download a sample of my personally written, customized wedding ceremony introductions HERE.

If you would like more information about my wedding services, please call me at 212-989-3456 or email.